Scan Printed Photos and Film

Scan Printed Photos and Film

V800 scanWe’ve had quite a few enquiries from people about their printed photos and negatives and how they can save them digitally.


So we are excited to let you know we now have select Epson Scanners available which can be used to scan both prints and negatives/slides into a digital format and from there add to your own Protect my Photos server.

All scanners will scan in 35mm film and the V600 and V800 will also scan in larger format negatives. All scanners are bundled with software to allow you to scan and save your images. Once done you can transfer them into your storage server so they can be backed up safely.

If you aren’t sure which scanner would be suitable to you, fill out the contact form and we’ll advise which one would best suit your needs.

Take a look at the scanners in our online store



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