Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some frequently asked questions you may have about how Protect My Photos works.


Why should I back up?

You can only take that photo once. In the digital age you need to protect your images so your family can see them again in later years

How does the back up work?

When you copy your photos onto the storage server (NAS), it will index your images and videos so you can view them via a webpage. Our NAS setup includes redundancy so if a drive fails for any reason, your data is still safe.

The backup occurs overnight when you are asleep. The backup task runs automatically and new data is added to the existing backup.  The backup also stores versions so if you need to restore a particular photo or folder, you can easily do that.

Is backing up online in the cloud safe?

Yes. When we set up your backup, it will be stored encrypted at the destination. On top of that the service itself is also encrypted, so the ability to hack into your data is very remote.

What are the ongoing costs?

The only ongoing costs to you after the set up is the ongoing backup charge to Amazon which is $100 per year. We think your photos are worth far more than that!

Can I backup other files?

Yes! You can back up documents, files and other media. We can help set up share folders for your documents and back them up too.

Do you offer ongoing support?

We offer 30 days online support to ensure your backups are running correctly. Outside of this you can choose a yearly support plan for priority assistance.

Can I backup my phone images too?

Yes! the photo app includes an option to back up your phone’s Camera Roll automatically. We can set it up so it will only automatically backup when you are at home on Wifi, or you can trigger it manually if you are away.

I want to back up all the family phones can I do that?

Yes you can. When a device is set up we can specify a folder for each one. That way they have their own area.

Can I back up to another server instead of online?

Yes you can. We can offer several options, but for optimal performance you will need a good internet connection at both locations

How can I manage my photos so I can find them again easily?

Depending on the computer you use at home, we can recommend software to allow you to caption/add metadata to your images which are indexed to allow easy retrieval later. Contact us and we can assist.

Can I use the NAS/Server for anything else?

Yes, you can! Depending on the model you purchase, it’s possible to stream movies to your TV and tablets, hook up surveillance cameras, web servers and much more! Send us a message and we can assist you in choosing the right unit.

Who can see my photos?

By default, the only person who can see your photos on the server is you. A username and password is required to log in to view them. The stored backup of your photos online cannot be seen by anyone except the NAS. It’s in a special backup format that doesn’t display them. If you are security conscious you can also choose to add further encryption to your backup to add yet another layer of security .

The issue with backing your images up to platforms like Facebook, Google and Flickr is that unless your security is extremely locked down, anyone could see your pictures. And while you may wish to share some pictures you don’t want them all publicly available.

What is a UPS?

A UPS is an Uninterruptible Power Supply that can keep your NAS running in the event of a power failure. It also prevents spikes from damaging the NAS. if the power should fail the UPS will send a signal to the NAS and if the power doesn’t return, the NAS will shut down safely. This will help protect your photos as power failures can cause data loss due to sudden shutdown. you can option in a UPS when purchasing your NAS.

Whats the difference between the self install and fully installed?

When you order a NAS you have 2 choices. a fully installed option and self installation. so what is the difference?

Fully installed: A staff member will come to your house and install the NAS, check that it is all working and won’t leave until they are satisfied it’s working for you.

Self install: While we will set up and test the basic configuration, we can’t pre-configure all the backup. However we ship it with a printed how do guide that explains the process step by step. if you run into trouble you can contact us for help

Does the NAS take up much space?

No they don’t. The footprint is small:

Junior and Mini: 11cm (w) x 23cm (d) x 17cm (h)

Mid sized: 21cm (w) x 23cm (d) x 17cm (h)

I have a CrashPlan family backup plan, can I use that on my NAS?

You can but there are some limitations and caveats. Only certain models can run the CrashPlan app. So please send us a message and we’ll talk directly. But we have it working on two of our NAS devices.

Still have a question you need to ask? Please send us a message!