The perfect solution to store and backup your precious memories.

Photo storage and backup systems

PHOTOS. We all take them. It doesn’t matter what camera we use, a compact, DSLR or our phone.  The chances are you don’t store them properly.

Remember photo albums? In the digital age we don’t make them anymore. Our pictures are scattered all over the place – on various devices, computers and removable hard drives.

And what happens if one of those devices fails? We lose our photos.

Wouldn’t it be great to have central place we could place our images not only to view and sort them later with ease, but back them up? That way, if the worst happens, your precious photos and memories can be retrieved.

Protect My Photos can help. We’ve had years of experience storing photos for major media outlets, and now we’re making that available to everyone.

Protect My Photos

Don’t risk losing your images, through hardware failure, theft or just because you’ve lost track of where they are.

You simply copy your photos to a central device. The images are indexed and can be viewed on your smartphone and computer. You also have the security of an online back-up – this means your photos are stored offsite in case the worst happens!

We also offer advice on the best way to manage your photos so you can always find the ones you want. And it doesn’t matter if you use a Mac, Windows, iPhone or Android, we can tailor a solution to your needs.

You will have your own mini-server, called a NAS. See our ‘How does it work’ page for more information about the technology.

We’ve put together some NAS packages already, but if you have specific requirements, please fill out a request here and we will get back to you promptly.

Want to see a live demo? Click on the Contact button below and leave your details and we can arrange a live demo for you.

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